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Topemp Inc.

Contact: Theesan Muthiah
Tel: 416-644-0160

5200 Finch Ave. East
Toronto, Ontario
M1S 4Z4 Canada


First, Topemp rate margins are lower than any of our competitors. Our staffing rates are designed to help you save money in todayís economy. By focusing on volume, we can help you reduce your staffing costs. For a detailed look at our staffing rates, please refer to the chart on the next page.
Most importantly, Topempís rates are adjustable to meet your companyís needs. We believe in getting to know the needs of our clients in order to help them get the best out of our resources and to achieve their corporate goals.

Second, Topemp Inc. is offering two bonus programs! As of 2009 we have introduced a new referral and customer loyalty bonus program, geared towards providing our clients with additional savings. This program focuses on offering referral incentives and resource bonuses based upon volume and growth forecasts. You can receive a bonus of up to $1000 simply for referring Topemp Inc.ís services to another company!

We are also offing a sales bonus program. This bonus is available for participation to all of our partners. There are different tiers to achieve maximum bonus payouts. Your company can gain additional savings, or reap the benefits of a cash payout. For a detailed breakdown of how much you could receive, please look at the chart on the next page.

Save money! Take advantage of our competitive rates and our incredible bonuses. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your staffing needs. Call Topemp Inc. today and speak with one of our Staffing Specialists to find out what we can do for you.