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AdsTamil.Com, a leading Canadian business directory, known for marketing businesses through the net, and will continue to expand across the country over the next few years. As Canada's largest business directory, we're on an extraordinarily fast track for growth. We plan to cover all Tamil businesses in the Canadian market over the next two years. We're looking for the kind of people who are sparked by new opportunities, and are willing to work towards bringing Tamils to the next level of technology and who seem to energize everyone around them!

Sound like you? Then contact us immediately, a well suited job is waiting for you!! Whether you're just getting started in the telemarketing industry, or well on your way, we have openings in virtually every section from sales to customer service. AdsTamil.Com offers a competitive salary with bonus potential. In addition, we provide fast-paced career opportunities in a fun environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Feel the energy and apply today!

We're currently looking to expand our directory to Germany, England, Switzerland, and Malaysia. If you're interested in joining our team, please send us an email to